Curriculum Vitae
Assistant Professor of Strategy
University of Toronto
Rotman School of Management


Outside of my academic work, my three main hobbies are travel, sports and graphic design/architecture.

I have traveled to 119 countries, flying 622,301 miles on 79 airlines to 178 airports since 2002. I am a definite airline geek, one of those people who is excited to fly from Nukus, Uzbekistan because it's possible to fly on a rare Ilyushin Il-114. I love hacking frequent flyer programs, and have used miles to fly nearly all of the world's great commercial airline products for free - Etihad's Apartment, Singapore Suites, the A380 on Emirates, JAL Sky Suites, and Lufthansa First being highlights.

Favorite trips have been to: Slovenia, Burma (before its democratic opening), the Loire valley, Iceland, Dominica, Kyoto, Sana'a (before the recent troubles).

The most obscure trips: Burundi, Transnistrian Moldova, Tajikistan, East Timor, The Marshall Islands.

The ones that everyone always asks about: North Korea (in late 2005, with the third group of Americans given visas post-1950), Iraq (during the week of Obama's first election), Somalia, and the incredibly friendly pre-war Syria.

The best part of all of these trips is long, rambling walks, which are, and I am being quite serious, the source of all of my best research ideas: Thoreau was right! You can safely assume that I am always willing to come visit for an academic talk no matter how obscurely located your university or institute might be!

As I was born in Dorchester, Mass, I have an undying love for Boston's professional sports teams, especially the Patriots. For a brief spell during and after college, I played semipro football; my teams the Boston Bandits and the Virginia Ravens, respectively, won the New England and Mid-Atlantic championships. I am still willing to play essentially any sport at the drop of a hat.

I originally planned to major in graphic design as a student, and I still like to follow graphic art and architecture. As a graduate student in Chicago, I lived in Mies van der Rohe's famous Lake Shore Drive apartments. I love the photographs of Michael Wolf, the architectural work of Julius Shulman and the color field paintings of people like Gene Davis and Maya Hayuk.