Curriculum Vitae
Assistant Professor of Strategy
University of Toronto
Rotman School of Management


PhD Seminar - Technology and Innovation

[Syllabus, Spring 2015, Toronto Rotman]


PhD Seminar - Economics of Innovation (joint with Wesley Cohen)

[Syllabus, Fall 2016, Duke Fuqua]

[Handout on Intro and Early Growth Models]


Undergrad Seminar - Competitive Strategy

[Syllabus, Spring 2017, Toronto Rotman]
Slides and lecture notes available on request; from a pedagogical standpoint, this class combines microeconomic theory (relational contracts, Milgrom/Holmstrom incentive theory, property rights theories, local knowledge and its aggregation, game theoretic pricing) with traditional strategy topics (product life cycles, entrepreneurship, product positioning) in a manner different from any existing textbook I know of. For economists in business schools, I trust you will find it a fairly compelling way to teach this material.

[Handout on Theories of the Firm]
This handout covers Williamsonian transaction costs, the property rights theory, resource theories, and critiques such as Maskin-Tirole in a holistic manner that is accessible to strong undergraduates. I was unable to find a good alternative covering theories of the firm in this manner (Gibbons' "Four Rationalizable Theories" is close, but too challenging technically for most students), so feel free to adapt this for your own course.