Curriculum Vitae
Assistant Professor of Strategy
University of Toronto
Rotman School of Management


[Complete CV in PDF: October 2017]; abridged html version below

Fields of Interest
Innovation, Microeconomic Theory, Economic History, History of Thought

Academic Positions
University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management
Assistant Professor of Strategic Management [2014-present]
Lab Economist, Creative Destruction Lab [2015-present]

Northwestern, Kellogg School of Management
PhD - Managerial Economics and Strategy [2009-2014]
MS - Managerial Economics and Strategy [2011]
Virginia Commonwealth University
MS - Mathematics [2008]
Boston University
MA - Economics [2006]
BA - Intl. Relations, Economics [2006, summa cum laude]

Duke University Fuqua School
Adjunct Professor of Strategy [2016]
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Assistant Economist [2007-2008]
Research Associate [2006-2007]
Department of Commerce FCS Beijing
Research Intern [2005]

Working Papers
The Direction of Innovation (w/ J. Lemus)
Journal of Economic Theory, November 2017
Which Entrepreneurs are Coachable, and Why? (w/ A. Tilcsik & B. Zhu)
American Economic Review P&P, May 2017
The Impact of Open Access Mandates on Invention (w/ Y. Ozcan)
R&R, Management Science
Profitable Double Marginalization (w/ E. Hovenkamp)
Industrial Reversals of Fortune: The Meaning of Invention in the Early Airplane Industry
A Note on Local Envy-Freeness in GSP Auctions

Other Publications
The Perils of Path Dependence
in book Survive and Thrive (eds J. Gans & S. Kaplan)
Contracts for Adaptive Programming (w/ P. Carter)
Overseas Development Institute Report [2016]
The Evolution of City Population Density in the United States (w/ P.-D. Sarte & B. Minton)
FRB Richmond Economic Quarterly 93.4 [2007]
On the Evolution of Income Inequality in the United States (w/ L. Martinez)
FRB Richmond Economic Quarterly 94.2 [2008]
Semiparametric Estimation of Land Price Gradients Using Large Data Sets (w/ P.-D. Sarte)
FRB Richmond Economic Quarterly 95.1